Student List

Dale Barlow Adrian Cunningham Tim Hopkins
Sandy Evans Richard Maegraith Michael Rivett
David Theak Daniel Waples Paul “Spike” Mason
Grahame Jesse Zac Hurren Karl Laskowski
Jake Manricks Richard Percival Trevor Griffin
Mark Taylor Scott Langley Aaron Michael
Matt Keegan Nick Hempton Jeremy Rose
Ben Jones Melinda Atkins Dave Jackson
Tim Stocker Allan Webb Murray Jackson
Nick Bowd Tony Hobbs Casey Green
Ben Savage Andre Shrimski Daniel Rorke
Steve Fitzmaurice Dave Bell Graeme Norris

"I had the great fortune of studying saxophone with Col for two years from 1986-88.
Col's influence has played a major part in my success as a professional saxophone and woodwind player. Without the groundwork and technical foundation that Col helped me establish and develop in my early playing years, I know I would not have achieved the professional results and rewards that I have enjoyed over the past 20 years. His knowledge and approach to the development of saxophone tone and technique is unsurpassed, not only in Australia but internationally. Thanks Col!! "

Mark Taylor

"Col’s teaching has been an inspiration to me. It is not just the content of the lessons, but the way he conducts them. He is very well informed about all things saxophone, and a vastly experienced musician, however he always speaks with great humility and never forces his concepts upon you. I have continued to practice and think about the things Col taught me since I began my studies with him over 12 years ago, and have recently returned to work with him again in order to make sure that I’m still on the right path! I will continue to practice the methods he taught me for as long as I play the saxophone, and in my capacity as a teacher I pass on some of his concepts to my students, but can only hope to be as helpful to them, as he has been to me".

Matt Keegan

Col has been my main influence and mentor since the beginning of my career as a musician. Since meeting Col in 1997, I can’t think of another musician that I would more like to become. I admire his total knowledge of not only the saxophone, but his ability to play all the woodwinds, piano, harmony & arranging skills, and the know how to survive as a professional musician. I was not an easy student to teach ever, and I have always admired Col’s patience and persistence and the support he still gives me today.

Daniel Waples

Col has been of invaluable assistance in the development of my saxophone, flute and clarinet playing. I would be nowhere near the musician I am today, if it were not for his tireless, skillful and encouraging tutorage on these instruments. He is a national treasure in these fields of education, not to mention jazz improvisation'.

-Richard Maegraith

One of the first times I heard a saxophone was Col with Ayers Rock on their album Big Red Rock. My father had it in his collection and I still love that record. When I came to study with Col he passed on to me many techniques and ideas that will always be a part of what I do as a musician. I am constantly being reminded of the universality of many of the things he taught me as I address different types of music on the saxophone. He was instrumental in helping me build important connections between my inner musical understandings and the external realization of that through my instrument. Col's understanding of the tonal nature of the saxophone is especially masterful, without his guidance, me and many other Australian saxophonists would still be spending all our days scratching around looking for a decent reed! Thanks for everything Mate.

Daniel Rorke